What Is The Downside Of 5G?

At the first glance, 5G seems like a promising technology. It will definitely make internet downloads faster and reduce latency rates. All the processes that occur over the internet would take less time with 5G. But what is the downside of 5G? Would 5G have adverse effects on human health?

To understand what 5G means for our health, we need to know what non-ionizing radiation is. The electromagnetic spectrum consists of 7 different types of waves. Out of these, based on how they affect atoms and molecules. Non-ionizing EMF radiation doesn’t carry enough energy to remove an electron from an atom or molecule. 

This means it won’t cause you instant damage, but exposure to this type of radiation for a very long time can have severe health consequences. 5G uses non-ionizing radio waves. You won’t realize when you are exposed to this radiation, but over a period, certain symptoms may develop. 

What can the 5G radiation do to your health?

High levels of any radiation are a risk to your health. 5G uses an extremely high RF band to transfer information. High frequency means that the EM wave would be more energetic and thus could penetrate skins. This increases the risk of EMF radiation exponentially. 

The main reason why 5G could be a health risk is it uses EHF or Extremely High Frequency waves. According to IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer), EM fields including millimeter waves and microwaves can possibly cause cancers in humans. 

Unfortunately, with 5G networks, we would be exposed to millimeter waves that could even cause cancer. Besides cancer, there are other serious health conditions that could potentially be associated with exposure to radio frequencies. 

For more in-depth information about the EMF radiation, please visit EMF Guard.

Other downsides of 5G

Some people reject the idea that EMFs can be a threat to health claiming that the radiation amount is too low to cause a significant effect. While it’s true that only prolonged exposure to radiation at a close range will cause health issues, 5G is definitely going to contribute to high EMF levels.

This is because the 5G network has a low range and would need more towers to provide the proper coverage. Higher frequency EM waves have a lower wavelength and therefore can be blocked by obstacles like bricks, trees, etc. 

Having more cell towers around your house would certainly increase electromagnetic radiation in your house. Having a cell tower nearby that emits high-frequency radiation would definitely put your health at risk. You won’t notice any effect immediately, but continued exposure to it could lead to symptoms like anxiety, headache, insomnia, depression, etc. 

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What can I do about the 5G radiation?

5G is going to increase radiation levels near you. There is little you can do about it. But you can shield yourself from the radio waves that cell towers emit. Metal roofs, metal studs, and interior metal can block 5G signals and lower radiation levels inside your house. Metal roofs are more effective against 5G radiation because of the low wavelength of 5G signals.

Besides using metals against radio waves, you can also use a Faraday Cage inside your house to place cell phones or WiFi routers to block radiations emitted by these devices. 

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What is the downside of 5G?’ has become a common question. 5G can eventually create health issues for anyone exposed to the signals for a long enough time. But these could be dangerous for people with EMF sensitivity. The best one can do to shield from this radiation is to use EMF protection or shields that can block these signals. 

The effects on radiation manifest over a long time. It’s not too late to think of the 5G health risks and to do something about it.  

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